The coronavirus has taken the world by storm.

It’s not the deadliest virus ever seen but it is extremely infectious.

This has resulted in strict quarantine procedures for possible candidates, which has in turn put a large portion of the population out of action in affected areas,

There are travel bans in place and we have seen panic buying activities.

One business commentator said “This is the largest restriction on the movement of people around the globe since World War II.”

Don’t Panic, Plan

Don’t panic we have seen other similar issues in the past, SARS, MERS, EBOLA etc. all of which were more deadly but less infectious.

What this tells us is that the biggest impact to your business is likely to be the unavailability of something; staff, customers, supplies, cash…

Use the Coronavirus COVID-19 Business Readiness Checklist to formulate your plan.  

How to protect your Business from Coronavirus COVID-19 fallout!

There is little you can do to stop the virus, the best you can do is plan to weather the storm.

Lucrature and Jazoodle have been working in collaboration to provide businesses with a series of useful tools to help provide clarity and plan for anything that may eventuate from the  Corona Virus outbreak.



Get your business Coronavirus ready.


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How to survive a corona-virus pandemic induced recession. Check our latest article and free tools; here.

Other Tools for Your Business

  1. Roadmap to Recovery – Recession Proof and be a Corona Virus Winner
  2. How to get More Money Fast in your business
  3. Business Health Check – Recession Proof your Business
  4. KPI MASTERCLASS – Develop Kick-Ass metrics to elevate Customer Service and Increase Profit

How to use the checklist:

This checklist is design to make you think about your readiness, any policies you may need to put in place, risks in your business and outside your business.
It should help you make a plan.
  1. If you have a plan compare your plan to the checklist items and add any items that are missing and relevant to you business
    • For each item that is missing of different to your plan follow the steps in 2) below
    • If you have something in your plan that is not in our checklist please let me know by commenting on this post or message me
  2. If you don’t have a plan yet. Please make one. A plan will help put your and your staff’s minds at ease.
    • Review each checklist item and determine if it is relevant to your business
    • Think about possible positive and negative impacts for each checklist item (there will be opportunities brought by the Coronavirus outbreak)
    • Determine the best course of action for your business.
    • Write down the problems you need to solve
    • Write down your guesstimate of the impact it may have on your business (best, expected, worst case)
    • Write down things you can do to reduce the impact.
    • Rate the things you can do by impact on solving the problem and effort (this is a simple approach to assess cost /benefit)
  3. Take step back, a break, grab a coffee whatever to take your mind off it for 15-30 min
    • Come back and rank each of the impacts and solutions.
    • Take the top 5-10 items and formulate a plan

You cannot do everything so important to focus on the key things for your business.

You can use this Checklist in conjunction with other tools & are creating as you read this. But please don’t wait get planning.

Whats coming next?

In the coming days I will be releasing more tools, tips etc. Here is a preview:
  • Risk assessment tool – this will help you assess the biggest risks in your business
  • Financial Health checklist – this will come with no obligation 3 months free access to to help you model possible financial outcomes from Coronavirus
  • Early warning KPI – these are 3 KPI you can track to alert you to issues in your business before they happen.

Why be concerned about Coronavirus?

As you will be well aware Coronavirus extremely effective a spreading within our communities. It is not particularly deadly what is all the fuss about?
  • First there are a lot of unknowns which scare people.
  • Second It is highly infectious. far more than common flu and previous Coronaviruses e.g. SARS/MERS (but not as deadly)
  • Third people that are severely affected need intensive care, and may need help with breathing. This combined with the need to quarantine means the use of ICU units – these are in relatively short supply, making it easy for our hospital systems to overwhelmed.
    • The contagiousness of the virus also means that many staff will be unavailable (in quarantine) at any given time (when the Doctor in NSW tested positive over 50 other staff in the same hospital went into quarantine). How can we run hospitals without staff?

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