Give yourself Permission to take time out – to increase your success

You have permission….
to take time out…
Actually it is your job so make it your mission!

As a business leader it is important to recognise that your role must change from doing to leading.

It is your role to do the heavy thinking for your business.
It’s not a nice to have but a must have!

It is easy to get stuck in the grind, answering questions day in and day out.

Managing every aspect of your business.

Not able to fee yourself from the continued cycle of fighting fires to catching up on last week’s tasks….

I’ve been there.

I thought that I had to be busy to show a good impression to staff, I had to be there, on call to solve all their issues immediately….

That’s my job… isn’t it?

It was my job and I was stuck in a perpetual cycle I couldn’t get out of.

I thought I was doing the right thing, by my customers, mys staff and my business.

But I wasn’t.

Staff relied on my decisions more and more. Not because they couldn’t make decisions but because it wasn’t clear is they should – “Bob asked the boss so I should too”

Customers got frustrated as questions were not answered quickly whenever I was not available.

Innovation dwindled, and the business whilst still successful was losing its lustre….

I was frustrated and so was everyone around me.

Then I gave myself permission to take time out.

I started small 1 hr per week.

At first it was hard.

I had to set up the management support and infrastructure (using the Financial Peak Performance framework) to be able to pry myself away from the day to day.

But it got easier.

Staff struggled too at 1st I wasn’t available to answer every question. I had to give them permission to make decisions.

I had to set the goals and expectations to help them make the right decision.

But the returns were phenomenal, happier staff, better customer service, better quality and more profit!

I give myself permission every week now – here is quick update from last Friday’s.

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