Secret to Success: Don’t set your Business Goals. Crazy but it works!

The Secret to Success: Don’t set your Business Goals. Crazy but it works!

Setting Business Goals has proven to increase success by 33-47%.

I’ve personally added up to 86% more value to businesses by implementing our business operating framework which uses a different approach to set business goals.

So why do I say YOU shouldn’t set goals in your business?

Critical components for the secret to success:

  • Success takes drive, determination, and focus.
  • Setting goals is a very effective way to drive people to focus on business goals.
  • People are individuals we need to ignite the drive in each and every person.

If you want to achieve your business goals you must be able to mobilize everyone involved in your business to focus on the thing you want to achieve.

This includes employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

The problem here is that each of these people may not be aligned with your business goals. They may have their own personal direction and desire that isn’t perfectly aligned with what you want to achieve in your business.

How do you get all these parties aligned to YOUR business goals and hold them accountable?

Secret to success #1 Publicize your goals

Every business owner has goals. But many keep them hidden away silent but to a very few people in the business.

Those that publicize their goals for everyone to see have a significantly higher chance of achieving them.

Publicizing goals is good. It tells others what you’re trying to achieve and brings them along the journey.

But it’s not enough….

99% of the time the publication business goals are a one-way street, it is simply telling others what YOU want.

Some will hear it, some will believe in it, but only a very few will be 100% aligned with your business goals.

This is a fundamental mistake most Business Owners make. It happens across the board, in global multi-nationals, and in small family-owned businesses.

The result…. Lack of staff commitment to your business goals.

Secret to success #2 Get others involved

The key is to get the people in your business to set the business goals themselves…

If this sounds scary to you, it is!

It was scary for me in my business, it has been scary for every client I have worked with over the last 20+ years.

But the results are worth it!

Secret to success #3 Take away the Fear with a proven framework

It’s less scary using a proven framework. A tested and proven approach that helps you set goals and empowers staff to achieve them.

I’ve been using and teaching clients to use this approach for many years now with unbelievable results.

32%-89% improvement in fact.

Using this model the largest increase in profit I have seen was over 200%. The smallest was  32%.

Using existing staff and no new technology solutions – purely with good old fashion focus!

And you can use this approach not just for profit. For any area of the business you like.

I’ve even used this same framework to improve Customer Experience and change Customer Behaviours.

Our framework, Financial Peak Performance™, provides the approach.

It involves staff at the center of business goal setting. Provides a clear path to measure and celebrate success, and really really effective communication across the business.

When you involve staff the right way each person’s individual goals come into alignment with your business goals…. this is extremely powerful.

This is how you get consistently overachieve your business goals.

Secret to success #4 Take action

You can do this in your business too. The first step is to take action.

It took me 2 decades to create and perfect the Financial Peak Performance™ framework.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test and refine the framework over hundreds of businesses, across dozens of industries.

You don’t need my framework to do this in your business, you can do it on your own, it might not even take you 2 decades to perfect…

But if you want to unlock that potential value in your business right now, our Financial Peak Performance™ framework will get you there in weeks not years.

If you want to get started I offer a free growth clarity call to make sure we are on the same page and I can really help your business (I can’t help everyone).

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About the Author:

Brad Horan is an accomplished Business Advisor and Chartered Accountant.

He loves business and particularly the human psychology of business decision-making and its role in achieving success.

Brad has over 20 years of experience in providing Business Advisory services across finance and operations. Early in his career, he recognized that there was a disconnect between operational and financial goals within businesses. This disconnect often resulted in businesses taking different conflicting actions despite trying to achieve the same result.

They unknowingly sabotaged their own business, and in extreme cases, they led to the demise of businesses.

Brad worked with hundreds of businesses over the years big and small, eventually coming up with a framework to drive ownership through all levels of the business. This improves employee relationships, customer experiences, and ultimately reduces work and stress for those managing the business.

Businesses big and small have benefited from Brad’s unique services; Midas, Diamond Pasta, Universal Pictures, HSBC, MetLife, Otis, Transport NSW, Hannover Re, Exxon Mobil, Care Fusion, Cleaning Star, Lonergan Research, Jim’s antennas to name a few.

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