SME Finance – How to Finance Business Growth

SME Finance – How to Finance Business Growth

Michael Haynes from Listen Innovate Grow kindly invited me to his live stream channel to discuss growth and finances.

In this session we look into a few different ways that SME finances can be arranged to fund growth in 2021.

We are in recovery from a pandemic recession – that means growth opportunities.

Almost every piece of economic outlook data I see is heading north, we are seeing increased raw material costs, logistics, and a shortage of labour here but perhaps more importantly also in the USA which tends to lead the global economic environment.

For SME Financing growth is the most critical task right now. Growth is expensive and if you are not careful it can suck up all your cash flow. I have seen many growth failures where businesses simply ran out of cash due to rapid growth.

Let me show you some super effective ways you can SME Finance – How to Fiance your Business growth.

Watch the Livestream Video

It’s a great session with loads of valuable information from both a finance and B2B growth strategy point of view.

We kick off with a quick review of the Federal budget impact for SME, then got into the Financing Growth discussions.

Here is also the “timestamps” of some of the key topics covered:

8:25 Financial Strategy #1-Borrowing
10:00 Non-Bank Lending
12:20 How to Research Non-Bank Finance Options
14:50 Financial Strategy #2-Inventory and Work In Progress
17:45 Billing Options
23:15 Value-Based Pricing
24:35 Psychology Based Pricing
30:00 B2B Growth Strategy–Influencer Marketing
34:00 How to Identify Influencers
36:00 Advocacy Marketing
40:00 Leveraging Referrals

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Brad “How to Finance your Business Growth” Horan

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